Quality concerns

The Quality Assurance Form (QAF) is a centrally managed system of quality assurance for adult social care services within the borders of Staffordshire and for those Staffordshire residents who use the equivalent services outside of Staffordshire.

The form is open to everyone, whether you use a care service, are the relative of someone who uses a care service, a member of the public, a health or social care professional or work within the care sector yourself.

The system is designed to be inclusive and will help the Quality Assurance Team work more effectively with its partners both in the private, public and voluntary sectors.

The Quality Assurance Form can be used to notify Staffordshire County Council of compliments or quality concerns with adult social care services or health and social care organisations that play a role within adult social care. These can include but is not limited to residential and nursing care homes, home care, supported living services, extra care schemes, brokerage functions and social care assessment organisations.

Please note that this is not a safeguarding referral form and if you believe someone with care and support needs is being abused or is at risk of abuse or neglect please read the information on reporting abuse.

If you are not sure if your concern is a Quality or Safeguarding concern MPFT have created a useful guidance document. 

Safeguarding, Quality or Regulatory Concerns (191KB) 

For more detailed information about raising a quality concern, and for the quality concern form please visit the Staffordshire County Council website.