SAR 5a SAR action plan template

SAR 5a: SAR action plan template


Recommendation from the Safeguarding Adults Review

(To be completed by SSASPB)





Relevant Agencies

List all agencies relevant to this action

(To be completed by SSASPB)





Clearly explain actions to be undertaken to implement the recommendation. Use a different line for each separate action i.e. development of new guidance, dissemination of guidance, monitoring etc.

(To be completed by SSASPB/ agency as appropriate)





Indicate when action is likely to be completed. Explain any progress that has been made to complete the action. 

(To be completed by agency) 




Supporting Evidence

List evidence that will be sent to SSASPB to demonstrate action has been completed.

E.g. dates of training held, titles of documents that have been updated, details of systems that have been put in place, summary findings/outcomes of audits that have been undertake.

(To be completed by agency)




Critical Friend comments

(including agency scrutiny panels where appropriate)




RAG Status