SAR 4c Scope of the review

SAR 4c: Safeguarding Adults Review - Scope of the Review

The Scoping Panel Meeting will consider the terms of reference and scope of the review including the following elements:

  • What appear to be the most important issues to consider in trying to learn from this specific case?
  • How can the relevant information best be obtained and analysed?
  • Which methodology should be used to facilitate learning?
  • Over what time period events should be reviewed?
  • What information from family or service history will assist the SAR Panel?
  • Which agencies and individual professionals should be asked to participate in the review and who else should be asked to submit reports or otherwise contribute?
  • Engagement with the adult, their family, carers or representatives/advocates. What are their views, wishes and concerns? What answers/outcomes would they like to achieve from the SAR? How would they like to be involved in the SAR and what support/adjustments are they likely to need?
  • Should the local authority arrange for an independent advocate?
  • How should the review process take account of a Coroner’s enquiry or any criminal investigation or proceedings related to the case? Is there a need to liaise with the Coroner and/or the Crown Prosecution Service?
  • Are there features of the case that indicate that any part of the review process should involve, or be conducted by, a party independent of the professionals/agencies who will be required to participate in the review? Might it help the review panel to bring in an outside expert at any stage to shed light on crucial aspects of the case?
  • Is there a need to involve agencies/professionals in other Safeguarding Adults Board areas and what should be the respective roles and responsibilities of the different Safeguarding Adults Boards with an interest?
  • Is there a need to involve other bodies? For example the Local Safeguarding Children Board, MAPPA, etc.
  • Should an independent critical friend be appointed? Their role is about assurance and challenge, to provide an independent perspective to ensure the SAR Protocol is followed and to critically appraise the information from agencies
  • Who will make the links with relevant interests outside the main statutory agencies, e.g. independent professionals, independent providers, voluntary organisations?
  • What is the nature and extent of legal advice required, particularly in relation to Data Protection, Freedom of Information and the Human Rights Act?
  • Is there a need for completion and implementation of media and communications strategies?

When should the review process start and by what date should it be completed?  


Updated Feb 20