SAR 1 SAR threshold

SAR 1: Safeguarding Adults Review - Threshold Document

(Section 44 Care Act 2014)

(1) A Safeguarding Adult Board (SAB) must arrange for there to be a review of a case involving an adult in its area with needs for care and support (whether or not the local authority has been meeting any of those needs) if:

a) there is reasonable cause for concern about how the SAB, members of it or other persons with relevant functions worked together to safeguard the adult and

b) either of the following conditions are met—

(2) Condition 1 is met if—

a) The adult has died, and

b) The SAB knows or suspects that the death resulted from abuse or neglect (whether or not it knew about or suspected the abuse or neglect before the adult died)

(3) Condition 2 is met if—

a) The adult is still alive, and

b) The SAB knows or suspects that the adult has experienced serious abuse or neglect

Each member of the SAB must co-operate in and contribute to the carrying out of the review with a view to—

a) identifying the lessons to be learnt from the adult’s case, and

b) applying those lessons to future cases.